"‘The Wedding Contract’ "
Islamic Bride signs the wedding contract
Creative Commons AttributionIslamic Bride signs the wedding contract - Credit: Leeno

During a traditional Islamic wedding ceremony a marriage contract (nikah-naama) is registered by the bride and groom and their respective families.

The nikah-naama contains several terms and conditions that are to be respected by the married couple, including inheritance guidelines and the bride’s right to divorce if the contract is voided. The contract also specifies Meher, a monetary amount the groom’s family will give the bride, representing the bride's freedom within the marriage.

The wedding contract must be witnessed by two people, traditionally the fathers of bride and groom. Usually the Imam reads aloud the nikah-naama to the bride first who accepts by saying "qabool kiya," ("I accept") three times and signs it, this is then repeated for the groom. The witnesses also sign the contract and the wedding becomes legal.