"‘Those Brave Lalas, warrior Pathans’"

The warrior-like Pathans (or Pashtuns) form one of the world's largest tribal societies in an area stretching from North-West Pakistan to South-East Afghanistan. It is tradition that to safeguard his clan’s honour, a Pathun will sacrifice everything even his life, according to the Pathan proverb, 'He is not a Pathun who does not give a blow for a pinch.'

Pathuns are an important social community in Pakistan where they are the second-largest ethnic group and many people of Pathun descent hold high positions in the military and government, including Ahmed Karzai, President of Afghanistan and Ayub Khan, who was President of Pakistan from 1958 to 1969.

More recently, the Pathuns gained worldwide attention as the main ethnic contingent in the Taliban,

Pashtun War chants