Page 137. " ‘the Hindu Love God, Krishna’ "

Depiction of the God Krishna dancing
Public DomainDepiction of the God Krishna dancing
Krishna is a Hindu deity considered to be the Supreme Being and God of Love. Krishna is often depicted as a young boy playing a flute or as a youthful prince giving direction and guidance as he does in the Sanskrit text in the Bhagavad Gita.

Page 149. " ‘Lenin’s “What is it to be done?”’ "

A political pamphlet, written by Russian communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin in 1902, What’s to be done calls for the formation of a revolutionary party that would encourage and direct the working classes to encourage socialism.

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Page 149. " ‘M.A Jinnah announced the midnight birth of a Muslim nation’ "

Muhammad Ali Jinnah is regarded as the founder of Pakistan. He served as leader of The Muslim League and Pakistan's first Governor-General and was key in the development of the partition of India. He announced the Independence of Pakistan as a new Islamic state on 14 August 1947. 

Video of Pakistan independence