Page 276. " ‘in the Gir forest’ "


The Gir forst is home to the Asiatic Lion
Creative Commons AttributionThe Gir forst is home to the Asiatic Lion - Credit: Rupal Vaidya

In 1965 the Gir forest in Gujarat, India, was established as a wildlife sanctuary. With its diverse flora and fauna, the area is also the sole home of the pure Asiatic Lion and is considered to be one of the most important protected areas in Asia due to its supported species.

The forest now hosts a lion breeding programme covering the park and surrounding area to support the development of the species, which has bred about 180 lions since its inception. The April 2010 census recorded the lion-count in Gir at 411, an increase of 52 compared to 2005.

Page 282. " ‘some crook in the Chor bazaar’ "

Chor Bazaar
Creative Commons AttributionChor Bazaar - Credit: Meena Kadri
Chor Bazaar, located in South Mumbai, is one of the largest flea markets in India. A maze of alleyways, it is known as the Thieves Market, stemming from ‘Chor,’ the Hindi word meaning thief. Here bargain-hungry tourists rummage for goods at throwaway prices and it is often assumed that the goods sold are stolen. 

Page 293. " ‘the prophet had his Khadija’ "

Khadija was the first wife of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. When her husband received his revelation from the Archangel Gabriel, she was the first person to convert to Islam and is considered one of the 'mothers of the believers'.

Page 294. " ‘watching Sputniks cross the sky’ "

The Sputnik program (literally meaning "co-traveler") was a series of robotic satellites launched by the Soviet Union. On 4 October 1957 the first of these, Sputnik 1, became the first human-made object to orbit the Earth. 

Sputnik Satellites in orbit
Creative Commons AttributionSputnik Satellites in orbit - Credit: Gregory R. Todd