Page 303. " ‘The legendary Caliph, Haroun al- Rashid is said to have enjoyed moving incognito amongst the people of Baghdad’ "

Haroun al- Rashid was the fifth and most famous Iranian Caliph, ruling from 786 to 809, and his time was marked by scientific, cultural and religious prosperity.

A central character in the legendary Arabic tales, One Thousand and One Nights, narrated by Scheherazade (see bookmark one, page four). In the tales al-rashid repeatedly moves around the city of Baghad in disguise in order to explore his city and to interact with the people. The tale of Aladdin is also said to be loosely based on the life of al-Rashid.

Page 323. " ‘already box-stepping and Mexican Hatting’ "
Jarabe Tapatío
Creative Commons AttributionJarabe Tapatío - Credit: Guerry

Known in English as the Mexican Hat dance, Jarabe Tapatío is a folk routine performed by couples and is the national dance of Mexico.

It is a dance of courtship, during which the man attempts to woo his dance partner with zapateado (stamping and tapping). Initially the woman must resist, shoo-ing the man away, but ultimately, he he is triumphant throwing his hat away and kicking his leg over her head as she bends to pick it up.