Page 101. " one by Carpaccio, of the shock-haired, youthful St George "

This painting can be viewed on Olga's Gallery website.

Page 105. " Romanesque "

Romanesque (in England: Norman) was a style of architecture in medieval times, characterised by semi-circular arches.  It included elements of Western Roman and Eastern Roman (Byzantine)buildings. In the 12th century it developed into the Gothic style, with more pointed arches. Tournai and Ely cathedrals, below, are examples of Romanesque (Norman). St Francis' Basilica is Gothic. Hagia Sophia , Istanbul, is a typical Byzantine building.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Tournai- a Romanesque church
Creative Commons AttributionNotre Dame Cathedral, Tournai- a Romanesque church - Credit: Jean-pol Grandimont
Ely Cathedral interior
Creative Commons AttributionEly Cathedral interior - Credit: Steve Cadman
Gothic interior of St Francis' Basilica
Creative Commons AttributionGothic interior of St Francis' Basilica - Credit: Monica Arellano-Ongpin
Hagia Sophia
Public DomainHagia Sophia
Page 120. " the city of Raghes "

Raghes is in what is now North West Iran, near the Caspian Sea. It has been absorbed by the modern city of Teheran.