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Venice 2004
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeVenice 2004 - Credit: Emustonen


Venice Lagoon
Public DomainVenice Lagoon - Credit: NASA

“Miss Garnet’s Angel” is set in Venice, the world-famous  Northern Italian "City of Water" that stretches over 118 small islands in the Venetian Lagoon.  Once an important centre for maritime power and trade, it is now renowned for its beauty, history, romance, art and music.

   Its population is small (272,000) but  it attracts millions of tourists. Recently, its residents have become alarmed by threats of flooding, and by the tourist-driven high cost of living that makes it hard for the permanent inhabitants to remain in their native  city. Miss Garnet was clearly aware of this, leaving money to “Venice in Peril” in her will.



   Marco Polo Airport, where Miss Garnet arrives on a chilly day, is eight miles from Venice.  Miss Garnet chose the most romantic, but also most expensive, way to make the trip. She could have gone by bus.

The author has written a chapter on Venice and her experience of it  (p. 8 of 'P.S.'at the back of the book.)