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Ancient Nineveh
Map showing Ancient Nineveh
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMap showing Ancient Nineveh - Credit: Hkp-avniel


Nineveh, reconstruction of Makshi Gate
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeNineveh, reconstruction of Makshi Gate - Credit: Fredarch

Ancient Nineveh, (now the modern city of Mosul) where the story of Tobias and the Angel begins (P.70 of the novel), was the capital of the Assyrian Empire. Here Old Tobit lived with his family, in exile from his homeland of Israel. It was a large, important city on the River Tigris, in what is now Iraq.

Under the "new king", about whom Tobit complains, its buildings and gardens became magnificent. The picture below shows the ruins of Nineveh today.

Nineveh, walls and Shamash Gate from ramparts
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeNineveh, walls and Shamash Gate from ramparts - Credit: Fredarch


Raghes is in what is now North West Iran, near the Caspian Sea. It has been absorbed by the modern city of Teheran.

Rey(Raghes) from Rashkan Hill
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRey(Raghes) from Rashkan Hill - Credit: Babakgh

Ecbatana, now modern Hamadan, was an important city at the foot of a mountain, sometimes considered to have been the capital of Media before being overtaken by the Persians.