"the Greenland Ministry wrote in 'Atuagagdliutit'"

Atuagagdliutit is the oldest newspaper in Greenland, whose title can be literally translated as "offered for being read"; this title is spelled in the old-fashioned way, withdrawn in the 1970s (the modern spelling would be "atuagalliutit"). It is now called Atuagagdliutit/Grønlandsposten, as in 1952 it merged with a Danish newspaper and now it is published both in Danish and in Greenlandic.

It is one of two Greenlandic newspapers distributed nationwide. It was first published in 1861 by the Danish geologist, Hinrich Rink, who was concerned about the Inuit losing their national identity. 

Atuagagdliutit/Grønlandsposten website (in Danish and Greenlandic)