Page 205. " the grease ice is held together with a thin, dark, disintegrating crust of ice "


Sea Ice
Creative Commons AttributionSea Ice - Credit: André Mouraux

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Danish Iceberg
Creative Commons AttributionDanish Iceberg - Credit: Rita Willaert
Page 206. " there are two ways to tag polar bears "

Page 209. " to keep Arctic foxes away "


In winter, Arctic foxes feed mainly on meat they have buried earlier.  Therefore graves have to be protected to prevent foxes digging them up. 

Page 211. " the report is in Godthab "
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumNuuk - Credit: Stephane Vitry

 Nuuk (Godthab in Danish) is the capital of Greenland, with a population of 17,000 citizens (one quarter of the whole country). It is situated in West Greenland, 10 km from Davis Strait and about 240 km south of the Arctic Circle.

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Nuuk hosts all the important Greenlandic institutions, such as the Parliament (Landsting), the University of Greenland, Nuuk Technical College, Nuuk Television and the National Museum of Greenland. Nuuk also boasts the only traffic lights in the whole country.

Page 222. " female polar bears defending their cubs "