Page 226. " to Scoresbysund. We were on exercises in Greenland "

Ittoqqortoormiit (Scorebysund in Danish) is one of the only two towns in East Greenland (the other one is Tasiilaq). Apart from them, on the 2,700 km long coast, there are a few tiny settlements and the world's largest national park, famous for its population of polar bears, muskoxen and seals.

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeKangertittivaq - Credit: Hannes Grobe

Scoreby Sund (Kangertittivaq in Greenlandic) is also the name of the longest (350 km) and one of the deepest (over 1500 m) fjords, beside which Ittoqqortoormiit is situated.

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Page 241. " the wolf Skoll will devour the sun "

In Norse mythology, Skoll was a demon wolf who was constantly chasing the sun in order to eat it and deprive people of light. It was believed that solar eclipses were caused by Skoll getting too close to the sun.


Page 242. " they called us avanersuarmiut, people from the North "

Avanersuarmiut is one of the names given to the inhabitants of the Thule District (now Avanersuup Kommunia). The most common name they call themselves though is Inughuit. They live in the high Arctic, on the west coast of North Greenland, in the area of Qaanaaq. They are a Greenlandic minority, comprising only around 1% of the country's population. They also speak a different language, Inuktun.

In this context, the word Avanersuarmiut has a pejorative meaning, used by Danes and Greenlanders from the social majority as a patronizing term.