Page 55. " green sea urchins that look as if they've been out in a storm of cotton "
Old Man Cactus
GNU Free Documentation LicenseOld Man Cactus - Credit: Raul654, Wikipedia

 "Old Man Cactus" is a species of cactus originating from eastern Mexico. It is very popular in cultivation, however it is threatened in the wild.





Page 61. " obsessed with the Dead Sea Scrolls "

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of documents written in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic on parchment and papyrus that were discovered in the 1940s and 1950s near Qumran, on the northwest shore of Dead Sea. They include the oldest surviving manuscripts of Biblical documents, and therefore they are of great importance to studies on the accuracy of translations of the Bible over time.

Page 67. " occasionally gyrfalcons would appear "

The Gyrfalcon is the largest species of falcon which lives predominantly in the Arctic region. It feeds on small birds and mammals, and has no natural predators apart from the Golden Eagle.

In the Middle Ages, gyrfalcons were considered royal birds, and they have always been highly prized. The gyrfalcon is the official bird of Canada's Northwest Territories.