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Copenhagen, Denmark
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumCopenhagen - Credit: CGoulao, Flickr

The capital and largest city of Denmark, Copenhagen is situated on the islands of Zealand and Amager.  It ranks amongst the best European cities for quality of life and environmental impact. Its 1,200,000 inhabitants are spread across 15 official districts, all of which have their own distinctive character. To non-Scandinavians, Copenhagen may seem to be a city of equality, but Smilla can easily distinguish between the affluent areas and the poor ones.




Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumChristianshavn - Credit: konhenrik, Flickr

Smilla, the mechanic, Isaiah and his mother live on Christianshavn, an artifical island dominated by canals. Although for much of the 20th century Christianshavn had been a working-class neighbourhood, it developed a bohemian reputation and atmosphere in 1970s. Now it is a very diverse area, with artist, workers and middle class families living alongside each other. It also includes immigrants from post-colonial Greenland.