"The Flannelled Fool, by T.C. Worsley; A Separate Peace, by John Knowles; Sandel by Angus Stewart; Lord Dismiss Us, by Michael Campbell; Escape from the Shadows by Robin Maugham; Autobiography of an Englishman by ‘Y’; The World, The Flesh and Myself by Michael Davidson (with its famous opening line: ‘This is the life-history of a lover of boys.’); The Fourth of June by David Benedictus; Special Friendships by Roger Peyrefitte, "
Robin Maugham
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRobin Maugham - Author of Escape from the Shadows (1972)          Credit: Allan Warren

T.C. Worsley (1907-1977) - Flannelled Fool: a Slice of a Life in the Thirties (1967) - Description of Worsley’s late sexual development and the infatuations he developed for some of the boys whilst working as a private school teacher.

John Knowles (1926-2001) - A Separate Peace (1959) - A coming-of-age novel in which the protagonist reflects on the intense but competitive friendship he shared at school.

Angus Stewart - Sandel (1968) - A novel in which a nineteen year old university student falls in love with a thirteen year old boy.

Michael Campbell - Lord Dismiss Us (1967) - A novel set in a public school. It explores a love affair between two public school boys, as well as the wider homoerotic milieu in which the affair takes place.

Robin Maugham - Escape From The Shadows (1972) - An autobiography in which Robin Maugham (son of Frederick Herbert Maugham and nephew of Somerset Maugham) describes the licentious shenanigans of various paederastic school-masters whilst he was himself at school, as well as his own sexual predilections for young men. 

Michael Davidson - The World, The Flesh and Myself  (1962- ) - Davidson’s autobiography, in which he describes how his taste for teenage boys (for whom he cruised in public baths) led to a prison sentence. 

David Benedictus (1938) - The Fourth of June (1962) - Life at Eton, with hints of paedophilic activity.

Roger Peyrefitte (1907-2000) - Les amitiés particulières (1943) - A novel, thought to be autobiographical, of an intimate friendship between two boys at a Roman Catholic private school.