"I suppose that's why I was chosen to represent the students for the Great Exorcist Debate. "

The Exorcist (1973) is an American horror film adapted from a novel by William Peter Blatty, which took as its source of inspiration the supposedly true events of the demonic possession of a child and the exorcism performed by two priests. It garnered ten Academy Award nominations and grew to become one of the most profitable horror films ever. Critical responses to the film were mixed. Stanley Kauffmann of The New Republic wrote, "This is the most scary film I’ve seen in years — the only scary film I’ve seen in years…If you want to be shaken — and I found out, while the picture was going, that that’s what I wanted — then The Exorcist will scare the hell out of you." Conversely Vincent Canby, writing in the New York Times, described the film as "a chunk of elegant occultist claptrap…[A] practically impossible film to sit through…it establishes a new low for grotesque special effects..."