Page 178. " Sydney Smith, in case you don't know him, is well worth discovering, "
Sydney smith
Public DomainSydney Smith

 After graduating from Oxford, Sydney Smith (1771–1845) reluctantly took holy orders and in so doing greatly benefited the people of the village of Netheravon, where he was curate. He later settled in London, where he became a lecturer, preacher, and society figure. His lectures proved so popular that people would flock to see him. Considered radical in his own time, he preached on the education of women and the abolition of slavery.  His publications include:

1809. Sermons in two volumes

1839. The Ballot

1845. A Fragment on the Irish Roman Catholic Church

1846. Sermons at St Paul's ...

1956. The Selected Writings of Sydney Smith


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Page 196. " attending Malvern Girl's College from a very young age "
Malvern St James - formerly The Imperial Hotel
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMalvern St James - formerly The Imperial Hotel - Credit: Philip Halling

Malvern Girls College, now Malvern St James, is located in Malvern, Worcestershire. It was founded in 1893.

 Malvern, once a Spa town, began to sell off its hotels, many of which were transformed into schools. The main buildings of the College used to be the Imperial Hotel, the grandest hotel in Malvern.

Former pupils include Mary Hayley Bell (playwright and author of Whistle Down The Wind) and Barbara Cartland.

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Page 197. " Alan Bullock's Hitler: A Study in Tyranny "

Hitler: A Study in Tyranny (1952) was based on the transcripts of the Nuremberg trials and is regarded as one of the first comprehensive biographies of Hitler. Bullock paints Hitler as primarily a power-lusting opportunist devoid of any beliefs or principles. In 1991 John Campbell commented, "Although written so soon after the end of the war and despite a steady flow of fresh evidence and reinterpretation, it has not been surpassed in nearly 40 years: an astonishing achievement."

Alan Bullock worked as a research assistant for Churchill and was the founding master of St Catherine's College, Oxford. He later became Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University. He is also the author of The Humanist Tradition in the West (1985). Some Bullock quotes:

Bullock by name, and Bullock by nature.

Democracy is not about making speeches. It is about making committees work.

Hitler's dictatorship rested on the constitutional foundation of a single law, the Enabling Law.

Spending a weekend with Hitler would have been boring in the extreme, although you would have had a greater certainty in coming back alive.

The corruption of people is to behave in an inhuman way.