Page 251. " Love as agape, Eros and philos "
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Venus & Adonis, with Cupid
Public DomainVenus & Adonis, with Cupid - Credit: Annibale Carracci

Ancient Greek had four main words for "love", each with distinct meaning:


Agape is "true" unconditional love, as felt towards a beloved (or by God for mankind), encouraging one towards self-sacrifice.


Eros is sensual love, brimming with desire and longing.


Philia is virtuous, disinterested love or admiration, felt from afar or for one's friends and family.


Storge is affectionate love, as felt by parents for their children.

Page 252. " slurping at a helmet, whipping, frotting, peeing, pooing, squatting like a dog, "
Two men engage in the act of frottage
Public DomainTwo men engage in the act of frottage

To 'frot' is to rub one penis against another, usually until ejaculation.  Frotting has been advocated as a safer alternative to anal sex. It derives from the French 'frotter' – to rub – and came into circulation with Bill Weintraub's article "Frot: The Next Sexual Revolution".

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Page 260. " The swell and surge of the Liebestod from Tristan, Liszt's Sonata in B minor "
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Listen on Spotify:

The Liebestod (love-death) from Tristan and Isolde by Richard Wagner

Piano Sonata in B minor by Franz Liszt



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Page 265. " their boaters "
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Public DomainBoaters - Credit: Harris & Ewing

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The Lincoln Memorial
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Edward Thring
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