Page 184. " and that still more wonderful story of the Arethusa fountain near Syracuse "

In Greek mythology, Arethusa was a nymph who became a stream on the island of Ortygia in Syracuse, Sicily to escape the attentions of the river god Alpheus.

Page 187. " Winding far down from within the very heart of this spiked Hotel de Cluny where we here stand … to those vast Roman halls of Thermes "

The Hotel de Cluny in Paris, a still extant example of medieval architecture, was formerly the town house (hotel) of the abbots of Cluny. The building was started in 1334 and was partially constructed on the remains of Gallo-Roman baths from the third century AD.

Page 187. " so like a Caryatid, he patient sits "

A caryatid is a sculpted female figure taking the place of a column or a pillar in a classical building.