Page 379. " They have provided a system which for terse comprehensiveness surpasses Justinian's Pandects. "

The Pandects were a compendium of Roman law compiled by order of the emperor Justinian I in the 6th century.

Page 379. " but the commentaries of the whalemen themselves sometimes consist in hard words and harder knocks -- the Coke-upon-Littleton of the fist. "

English lawyer Sir Edward Coke was regarded as the greatest jurist of the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras. One of his works was a commentary on Sir Thomas Littleton's Treatise on Tenures.

Page 381. " What to that apostolic lancer, Brother Jonathan, is Texas but a Fast-Fish? "

Brother Jonathan was a fictional character created to personify the entire United States in the early days of the country's existence.

Page 399. " It tasted something as I should conceive a royal cutlet from the thigh of Louis le Gros might have tasted "

Louis VI was a 12th century King of the Franks. He was known as Louis the Fat (French: le Gros).