Page 51. " IN this same New Bedford there stands a Whaleman's Chapel "


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Page 53. " As well might those tablets stand in the cave of Elephanta as here. "

The caves on Elephanta Island in Mumbai Harbour in India contain figures of Hindu deities carved out of the rock during the 8th century. Today the caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Page 53. " though containing more secrets than the Goodwin sands! "

The Goodwin Sands is a 10-mile-long sand bank in the English Channel, six miles east of Deal in Kent. Close to major shipping channels, more than 2,000 ships are believed to have been wrecked there.

Page 55. " that silver plate now inserted into the Victory's plank where Nelson fell "

Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758–1805) was an English naval officer famed for his service during the Napoleonic Wars.  He was shot during the Battle of Trafalgar on the quarterdeck of his flagship, the HMS Victory, the spot marked by a plaque of brass, not silver.


Commemorative plaque, HMS Victory
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCommemorative plaque, HMS Victory - Credit: Terry Wha

Page 55. " this pulpit, I see, is a self-containing stronghold -- a lofty Ehrenbreitstein "

Ehrenbreitstein is a mountain fortress on the banks of the Rhine in western Germany.

Page 58. " - By all accounts Tarshish could have been no other city than the modern Cadiz "

Throughout history various locations ranging from India to the West Mediterranean have been suggested as the true site of biblical Tarshish.  One of the more popular suggestions is Tartessos, an ancient harbour city in southern Spain now lost, but believed to have stood near present-day Cadiz.

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