Page 11. " The tools for uncovering tuberculosis belong to an older era in medicine "

Tuberculosis in sputum
Public DomainTuberculosis in sputum

Tuberculosis (or TB) is an infectious diesase that usually attacks the lungs, causing a chronic cough with blood, fever, night sweats, and weight loss. If not treated, tuberculosis kills more than 50 percent of its victims.

The challenge for fighting tuberculosis in poor countries like Haiti is that treatment can be complicated -- it requires multiple antibiotics with long treatment courses. There are also a growing number of multi-drug-resistant strains of the disease creating more treatment problems.

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A creole language is one that has developed from a mixture of other languages. Haitian creole is spoken by about 80 percent of the population, and is a mixture of French, various African languages, Spanish, and some English.