Page 89. " also scorn for 'the Luddite trap' "
Luddites breaking a loom
Public DomainLuddites breaking a loom

"Luddite" is a term used for people who reject new technology. The Luddites were part of a movement in Britain that protested against the mechanization of the British textile industry. They are best known for destroying the mechanized looms introduced in the Industrial Revolution. 

Page 92. " the director of Project Bread contacted Farmer "

Project Bread is an organization dedicated to ending hunger in Massachusetts through funding food pantries, running a state-wide hunger hotline, and working with schools on breakfast programs.

Page 97. " not long after Baby Doc left Haiti "

Baby Doc, aka Jean-Claude Duvalier, succeeded his father as ruler of Haiti in 1971. He ruled until he was overthrown in a popular uprising in 1986. Both Duvaliers exploited the almost total power the Haitian constitution granted them. Although Baby Doc introduced some reforms, no opposition was allowed under his regime.