"Willie, the leader of the Crocodile Gang, had been trained in Moscow, the police said"

On 4 July 1964 Willie Ndangana set up a roadblock and, with Victor Mlambo, James Dhlamini and Master Tresha, killed Petros Oberholtzer (Oom Piet) in the Chimanimani farming area of eastern Zimbabwe. Ndananga and his men came to be known as the ‘Crocodile Gang’.

Willie Ndangana was actually trained in Beijing, China.

When Peter Godwin returned to Zimbabwe in the early 1980s, William Ndangana was Deputy Minister of Paramilitary Affairs. He was, however, 'mistakenly killed' in 1989 when an army truck collided with his car. According to rumour, an attempt was made to assassinate Edgar Tekere (the former head of ZANU, and rival to Mugabe) who had defected from ZANU-PF to form the Zimbabwe Unity Movement (ZUM). On that fatal day, Tekere was supposed to travel from Harare to Mutare, but he decided to postpone his journey until the evening. Ndangana travelled that afternoon; the soldiers waiting for Tekere saw a Mercedes Benz coming and concluded it was their target.

Extract from A Lifetime of Struggle by Edgar Tekere, covering the Oberholtzer murder.