"A tokalosh was a sort of African goblin, a bush imp, a malevolent hobbit."

Public DomainTokolosh
The local monthly newspaper Vic-Falls News reports that counsellors at an AIDS workshop have agreed that evil spirits called "tokoloshes" probably spread the HIV virus by sexually abusing women during the night. Tokoloshes exist, in one guise or another, in the minds of people throughout Africa. They are described in various ways, but one account has them as 3ft spirits with only one buttock and an extraordinarily long penis slung over the shoulder.

Some Africans raise their beds on bricks to prevent tokoloshes climbing up and getting under the sheets beside them. Others fear they will be carried away in the night by the malevolent creatures.  Frigidity in a woman is claimed to be the work of a tokolosh lover. As an explanation for the 4 million Zimbabweans who are HIV-positive, it takes some beating.

The excellent South African strip cartoon Madam and Eve occasionally features tokoloshes:  Former President Thabo Mbeki meets a Tokolosh