"My first abiding memory of St George's was the great brooding castle that dominates the college."
St George's College
Public DomainSt George's College - Credit: Henry Trotter

 St George's College, is a private Catholic school in Harare (Salisbury).  It is recognised to be one of the best secondary schools in Africa.

‘St. George's College [is] a ritzy boys' high school for the country's elite. It is located right next to the President's house and the National Botanical Gardens.’ - Henry Trotter, ex-teacher.

For the past 113 years of its existence, St George’s College has had every reason to be proud of its alumni: war heroes and Rhodes Scholars, priests and artisans, lawyers and engineers, doctors and teachers, farmers, academics and sportsmen. 


St George's emblem
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumSt George's emblem - Credit: permission from B Tiernan, Headmaster

Peter Godwin is listed on the school's website under 'Notable Alumni'.