"arrested on suspicion of planning a coup d'état"

In 1982 Zimbabwean police arrested Lieutenant General Lookout Masuku and ZIPRA intelligence chief Dumiso Dabengwa, for allegedly planning a coup d'etat against Prime Minister Robert Mugabe. The Supreme Court found Masuku, Dabengwa, and four others not guilty in 1983 (Peter Godwin served on the defence team). However, they were then detained again under emergency regulations.

Born on 7 April 1940, Lookout "Mafela" Khalisabantu Vumindaba Masuku commanded the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA), the millitant wing of ZAPU, during the bush war. He went on to serve as the deputy head of the Zimbabwe army until his arrest in 1982. He died in 1986 under 'suspecious cercurmstances'.  

Lookout was a brave man. He led the first group of guerrillas who returned home at ceasefire. Lookout fought against fascism, oppression, tribalism and corruption. Any failure to dedicate ourselves to the ideals of Masuku will be a betrayal of him and of all those freedom fighters whose graves are not known.  - Joshua Nkomo at the funeral of Lookout Masuku, Bulawayo, 12 April 1986

Dumiso Dabengwe
Public DomainDumiso Dabengwe - Credit: Prince

The Mugabe government later declared Masuku a national hero.

Dumiso Dabengwa was born on 6 December 1939. He served as the head of ZIPRA Intelligence during the Rhodesian war, when he was nicknamed the "Black Russian" due to his Moscow training. 

He was released after four years of detention in 1986. Between 1992 and 2000 he was appointed Minister of Home Affairs in the Zimbabwe government.  In 2009 he left ZANU-PF to revive ZAPU as an opposition political party:

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