"He was the husband of Comrade Spillblood Nhongo, Minister of Women's Affairs."

Joice Mujuru
Public DomainJoice Mujuru - Credit: Ravoof bobi.sk
 Joice Mujuru, formerly Comrade Spillblood,  has been a member of the Zimbabwean Cabinet since Independence in 1980, when she was its youngest member. She is currently Vice President, and tipped as a possible successor to Robert Mugabe.

She left school at 18 to join the War of Independence, and adopted the name Teurai Ropa (Spill Blood). After shooting down a Rhodesian helicopter with the machine-gun of a dying comrade, she was promoted to commander.

In Zimbabwe she is famous for blocking the establishment of the telecommunications network Econet just long enough for rival Telecel, part-owned by her husband, to be set up.  She lives with her widely-feared husband, Solomon Mujuru (Rex Nhongo) on a 3,500-acre farm seized illegally - according to Zimbabwe's Supreme Court - from its white owner.

Sunday Times article