Page 364. " Antelope mine was only 500 yards from the main road "

The Fifth Brigade set up a concentration camp in Antelope, where they systematically killed their prisoners. An eyewitnesses told of people being shot, beaten and burned to death.

Interrogations were conducted by the Central Intelligence Organisationand Five Brigade, beatings began at 5.30 am, and electric shocks, water torture,and sexual mutilation were used. Trucks visited the camp nightly, corpses were tipped down disused mine-shafts in the area, and hand grenades were thrown after them. Five Brigade created terror in a sustained and systematic way. Indiscriminate killing was part of the system. All the villagers in Tshomwina, in January-February 1983, were beaten and five were killed, of whom one, badly mutilated, took eight days to die, bereft of medical help. 

      - excerpt from Zimbabwe's Presidential Elections 2002: Evidence, Lessons and Implications, editor: Henning Melber

Page 372. " The Sunday Times published it under the headline Mass Murder in Matabeleland: The evidence "

Peter Godwin writes about the article and its impact in this 2007 Sunday Times  article.

Page 373. " He was the husband of Comrade Spillblood Nhongo, Minister of Women's Affairs. "

Joice Mujuru
Public DomainJoice Mujuru - Credit: Ravoof
 Joice Mujuru, formerly Comrade Spillblood,  has been a member of the Zimbabwean Cabinet since Independence in 1980, when she was its youngest member. She is currently Vice President, and tipped as a possible successor to Robert Mugabe.

She left school at 18 to join the War of Independence, and adopted the name Teurai Ropa (Spill Blood). After shooting down a Rhodesian helicopter with the machine-gun of a dying comrade, she was promoted to commander.

In Zimbabwe she is famous for blocking the establishment of the telecommunications network Econet just long enough for rival Telecel, part-owned by her husband, to be set up.  She lives with her widely-feared husband, Solomon Mujuru (Rex Nhongo) on a 3,500-acre farm seized illegally - according to Zimbabwe's Supreme Court - from its white owner.

Sunday Times article