Page 202. " Turing," she said."You are under arrest. "



Named after Alan Turing, a pioneer theoretician of machine intelligence, who said that a computer able to converse with a human for a certain time could be considered intelligent. 

Page 210. " She raised the pistol, a smooth black Walther with an integral silencer. "


Public DomainSilence - Credit: atrilogy


A silencer dampens the noise and flash from a firing gun.

Page 216. " But if the run goes off tonight, you'll have finally managed the real thing. "

Blue punch card
Public DomainBlue punch card - Credit: Gwern
Punch cards are an old input medium for communicating with mainframes.

Cards are punched on a card punch machine: empty or filled spaces on the card represent binary data. The punched deck is run through a punch card reader to be read by a computer.


Page 222. " He reached into the exposed chassis of an ancient television and withdrew a silver-black vacuum tube "
Public Domain6N23P - Credit: Settembrini

A vacuum tube is a sealed glass tube with a cathode, filaments and an anode plate. It is used for amplification of a weak current, rectification of alternating current to direct current, and generation of oscillating frequency for guitar amps, radio and radar. Vacuum tubes function better when they are hot.

ENIAC the world's first general purpose computer ran on vacuum tubes.

Page 224. " a Gothic folly "
Broadway tower
Creative Commons AttributionBroadway tower - Credit: Newton2

A folly is a building with no functional purpose.  It may be constructed for decoration in a landscape, or to amuse or stimulate curiosity. 

Follies can be shaped like Gothic towers, Roman temples, medieval ruins or fantasy grottoes, among other weird and wonderful designs.