Page 228. " Hey, Case, she said, barely voicing the words "


Chrissy Hynde and the Pretenders, Pretenders II 1981 "I Go to Sleep".

William Gibson has said that he derived inspiration for Molly Millions from a picture of Chrissy Hynde on the first Pretenders album.

Page 229. " Yakuza. I guess, they still wanted Johnny's ass. "
Public DomainNasunoYoichi - Credit: LordAmeth

Japan's native organized crime group.

Some say the Yakuza are descendants of 17th century chivalrous samurai.

Page 237. " She got up slowly, her eyes fixed on the muzzle of a black automatic pistol. "
TT 33 Pistol
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeTT 33 Pistol - Credit: Joe Mabel

Gibson, in his Time Machine Cuba 01/23/06 essay, describes discovering a Colt Model 1911 automatic pistol in the family attic:

I had my own ancient tool of destruction and taught myself, crouching in secret places, to disassemble it, my impossible, scary, secret provision from history. I lightly oiled the parts and hid them separately, wrapped in rags. This being Virginia in the early nineteen-sixites, I easily obtained a box of ammunition, alarmingly heavy finger-thick shells with bullets the color of a new copper penny.

Page 246. " It looked like a stylized matte black daddy longlegs "


Insects like robots and Robots like insects.

Page 247. " The ladder continued up through a metal tube, barely wide enough for her shoulders "
Wasp nests
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeWasp nests - Credit: Lokal_Profil

Crazy wasp nest architecture