Page 26. " copy of a Walther PPK "
Public Domainwaltherillustrator - Credit: atrilogy

The Walther PPK pistol was introduced in 1931.  Walther handguns were widely used by the police and military in Hitler’s Germany. 

The Walther PPK was James Bond's preferred gun in the later books and films. It is smaller than the PP, and more concealable, making it suitable for undercover work.

Page 26. " Case had rented a coffin here, on a weekly basis, since he'd arrived in Chiba, but he'd never slept in Cheap Hotel. He slept in cheaper places. "
Creative Commons Attribution Share Alikecheaphotel - Credit: Chime

 Capsule Hotels are mostly found in Japan, where urban space is at a premium.  They provide cheap, basic sleeping accommodation, sometimes enhanced with wifi and TV.


Page 30. " aiming a Smith & Wesson riot gun "

Riot Police in Canada
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRiot Police in Canada - Credit: Devinasch
A riot gun is a non-lethal weapon that fires gas cylinders, rubber bullets, pepperballs or other non-lethal ammunition.

Page 33. " the pepperbox muzzle of a flechette pistol emerged from her hands. "
Public Domainpepperboxillustration - Credit: atrilogy

Molly Millions’ flechette pistol is based on the first repeating firearms, called pepper-box revolvers. 

Pepper-box revolvers, or needle guns, have multiple barrels that revolve about a central axis. They take a long time to load but are quick to fire. Molly's pepperbox gun fires flechettes, or darts.

Page 42. " ragged Fuller domes "

R. Buckminster Fuller was a 20th century inventor and visionary architect.

He sought to create efficient, comfortable shelters. His geodesic dome structure, formed of a network of great circles on the surface of a sphere, was called the "house of the future."

Eden Project
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeEden Project - Credit: Jürgen Matern
Page 44. " Waves of sound rolled from the arcades and pachinko parlors. "

Creative Commons AttributionPachinko - Credit: Paul Downey
A Pachinko machine is similar to pinball or slots.

Small steel balls are loaded into the machine. Pull the flipper and most of the balls disappear, but a few find their way into special holes that activate the slots. Shoot and aim for the main pockets. If you match three images you win a jackpot.

Page 46. " It was a belly gun, a magnum revolver with the barrel sawn down to nub. "

A belly gun is a handgun with a short barrel, ideal for concealment.  It is also called a snub nose.


Oklahoma State Trooper's snubby