Page 277. " the whole lineage back to Lee "


Page 287. " an ancient, oilslick Remington automatic shotgun "
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRemington11 - Credit: Hmaag

The Remington Model 11/Browning Auto-5, designed by John F. Browning, was the first autoloading shotgun produced in the USA by Remington, from 1905-1947.




Page 296. " They came to another monitor, an antique Sony "
Sony CVM-1225
Creative Commons AttributionSony CVM-1225 - Credit: Carbon Arc

A Cathode Ray Tube is a large glass vacuum tube with an electron gun beaming light onto a fluorescent screen.


Page 298. " Tessier-Ashpool would be immortal, a hive, each of us units a larger entity. "
Public Domainbrainwasp - Credit: atrilogy

Morphogenesis - literally, the "beginning of shape."

One of Alan Turing's last papers was on morphogenesis and the capacity of all life forms to develop ever more baroque bodies out of simple beginnings.

Page 299. " That was what I thought when I was very young, that there were ghosts in the corporate cores "
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This is a reference to Descartes' concept of mind-body dualism: the mind is the ghost in the machine.

The phrase was coined in 1949 by Gilbert Ryle, and used by Arthur Koestler as the title of a 1967 book.