Page 302. " Everything was familiar, but he couldn't be sure he'd seen any particular stretch before. A curving hallway lined with wooden showcases displayed collections he was certain he'd never seen: the skulls of large birds, coins, mask of beaten silver. "

Cabinets of Curiosities appeared in the 16th century - cabinets within cabinet like rooms filled with preserved animals, skeletons, clockwork automata, dried plants seeds and books. These museums provided a retreat for contemplation as well as an opportunity for the wealthy to display their acquisitions and power.

The Tessier-Asphools collection of stuff creates a barricade to block outsider access to Straylight.

Page 310. " The fire was dead, but it was warm in the bunker, sunlight slanting through the doorway to throw a crooked rectangle of gold on the ripped side of a fat fibre canister. The thing was a shipping container; he remembered them from the Chiba docks. "


shipping container
Public Domainshipping container - Credit: Tagishsimon

Shipping containers are reusable steel boxes for transport and storage.


Spook Country William Gibson's 2007 political thriller/satire novel features a mysterious shipping container that is roaming through the world heading towards the Port of Vancouver.



Page 314. " It belonged, he knew-he remembered-as she pulled him down, to the meat, the flesh the cowboys mocked. Its was a vast thing, beyond knowing, a sea of information coded in spiral and pheromone, infinite intricacy that only the body, in its strong blind way, could ever read. "


Creative Commons AttributionForever - Credit: David Shankbone

Humans like butterflies moths and rats secret a pheromone chemical that effects the physiology of the opposite sex.


Pheromones may also emit information about species and genotype which could mean that our cells talk to one another while our bodies are having sex.

Page 316. " His vision crawled with ghost hieroglyphs, translucent lines of symbols arranging themselves against the neutral backdrop of the bunker wall. He looked at the backs of his hands, saw faint neon molecules crawling beneath the skin, ordered by the unknowable code. He raised his right hand and moved it experimentally. It left a faint, fading trail of strobed afterimages. "

Code converts one set of text/glyphs into something else numbers, bits in order to facilitate the transmission of data through telecommunications and storage in computers. Unicode is a unified universal encoding of all the characters/writing of all the world's living languages. Early coding systems include Morse code, Baudot code, ASCII, EDCDIC, Braille, signal flags and telegraph code. VRML and X3D render virtual 3d objects and scenes.

Public DomainBryce3d - Credit: Avi kedmi
Page 318. " This thing," she gestured around at the fireplace, the dark walls, the dawn outlining the doorway,"where we live. It gets smaller, closer you get to it." Pausing one last time, by the doorway. "You ask your boy about that?" "Yeah. He said I wouldn't understand, an' I was wasting my time. Said it was, was like...and event. An' it was our horizon. Event horizon, he called it. "

 Neuromancer constructs a spacetime cage that resembles a Moroccan beach to trap Case. The cage is similar to an Event Horizon in that it has an infinitely curved surface or skin and on the underside of this skin space and time are strangely scrambled. 

Page 324. " Hideo stepped out of the shadows, a third arrow ready in a slender bamboo bow. He bowed. "


Public DomainKyujutsu02 - Credit: Fukutaro


Well trained disciplined Heido reminds me of Genki Sudo a Japanese martial artist kickboxer musician actor dancer and buddist. 

"I believe that every single one of us, wandering through this deep darkness, can overcome anything, if only we let go of our fear, and face it all in a positive light. The world is not going to change. Each one of us will change. And if we do, then yes the world will be changed." - Genki Sudo We Are All One.