Page 334. " Hey, shit, the construct said, those things are the RCA Building. You know the old RCA Building? The Kuang program dived past the gleaming spires of a dozen identical towers of data, each one a blue neon replica of the Manhattan skyscraper. "


Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRCA - Credit: CrankyScorpion

Mounds of data resemble the steel and glass architecture of the 1933 RCA Building at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, nicknamed 30Rock


Page 340. " The Ducal Palace at Mantua, she said, contains a series of increasingly smaller rooms. They twine around the grand apartments, beyond beautifully carved door-frames one stoops to enter. "
Camera picta, parete sud
Public DomainCamera picta, parete sud - Credit: Sailko
Camera picta, parete est
Public DomainCamera picta, parete est - Credit: Sailko

Tessier-Ashpool's maze-like Villa Straylight resembles the Ducal Palace at Mantua, in particular the Scala Santa or "The Apartment of Dwarves" a series of ever smaller rooms underneath the main apartments. 

The Apartment of Dwarves itself was a reproduction of the Scala Sancta in St John Lateran in Rome.

Page 341. " Things were launching themselves from the ornate sunburst spires, glittering leech shapes made of shifting planes of light. There were hundreds of them, rising in a whirl, their movements random as windblown paper down dawn streets. "Glitch systems," the voice said. "


Public Domainneuromancercover - Credit: atrilogy

"Literally, a glitch is a spike or change in voltage in an electrical current" John Glenn (American Dictionary 4th ed. 2000), describing problems in the 1964 space programme as glitches.


A glitch is a short duration malfunction or electrical error common in electronics, computing, video games and circuit bending.

The aesthetics of the glitch can be mimicked by design tools and software as is this cover of Neuromancer by using the Satromizer app on the iPhone.


Page 342. " But all of this receding, as the cityscape recedes: city as Chiba, as the ranked data of Tessier-Ashpool S.A., as the roads and crossroads scribed on the face of a microchip, the sweat-stained pattern on a folded, knotted scarf... "


Fractal tower
Public DomainFractal tower - Credit: Soler97

Matching patterns create a sense of concealed meaning or an intent to communicate.

Pattern Recognition William Gibson's 2003 novel foregrounds a character, Cayce Pollard, who has a physical/psychological aversion to corporate symbols.