Page 184. " The first impression was like one you'd get if you took the back off a radio set "

Reviewing Never Let Me Go in the New Yorker, Louis Menand suggested that these animals derive from philosopher Henri Bergson’s definition of comedy: ‘something mechanical in something living’.  The mechanised animals can be taken as representations of the clones, who have been engineered so that they function in a certain way.

Page 198. " Dartmoor, say. "


Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeDartmoor - Credit: Stephen Dawson

Dartmoor is a national park in Devon, considered an area of great beauty.  It is a moorland region, and one of its particular features is its tors, mounds of granite which can be found all over the moors.  It is also home to its own breed of wild pony, as well as the Dartmoor letterboxes, which are hidden at various points and can be found using clues.