Page 233. " stuff like The Odyssey "
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The Odyssey by the ancient Greek poet Homer is one of the very earliest works of literature that still exists, having been composed in the 8th century BC.  It centres around the legendary figure of Odysseus and his tortuous journey home from the Trojan Wars.

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Page 233. " Most donors at the Kingsfield get their own room after third donation "

It is unclear which organ is removed for the third donation. Only two vital organs – one kidney and one lung – could be donated by a living person without making them entirely dependent on mechanical support (e.g. a dialysis machine to replace the kidneys).

Non-vital organs that could be donated are the eyes, the spleen, the testes or ovaries, and the gallbladder.

Page 233. " or One Thousand and One Nights "
Scheherazade painted by Virginia Frances Sterrett
Public DomainScheherazade painted by Virginia Frances Sterrett

The One Thousand and One Nights is a collection of stories from the Middle East that are linked together by the legend of Scheherazade, the wife of a sultan.  The sultan intended to kill her, so to escape this fate she told him captivating stories.  This collection includes such famous stories as that of Aladdin and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.  The idea of telling stories to avoid death is particularly relevant to Never Let Me Go.



Page 238. " I'd gone to Littlehampton in the late afternoon "

The town of Littlehampton is located on the south coast of England, in West Sussex, and is best known as a seaside resort.  As the setting for the novel’s climactic scene, it continues the theme of Englishness that has been present from the start, and provides a more pessimistic counterpart to the other seaside town visited by Kathy and Tommy, Cromer.

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