Forks, population 3120. Located on the Olympic peninsula, in Clallam County, Washington, Forks was chosen by Stephanie Meyer as the setting for the Twilight books due to the constant rainfall the area receives. Due to the fact, that vampires cannot reveal themselves in sunlight, the Cullens had to locate themselves somewhere where sun was limited.

Port Angeles

A minor setting in New Moon. It is a city near Forks that Bella and her friends frequent when they need to shop, eat out or go to the cinema. In New Moon, Bella visits Port Angeles twice, to see a movie, firstly with Jessica and secondly with Jacob and Mike. The occasion she went with Jessica was when  she first encountered danger and imagined Edward to be there. This was the beginning of her rebellious stage.

La Push

It’s La Push Baby….La Push. Even Erik couldn’t sum it up any better. La Push is Aa reservation for the Quileute Tribe. When Meyer chose Forks to be her setting, she noticed the reservation was nearby and the fictional legends of the tribes were soon included in her stories. These legends play a huge part of New Moon, and as Jacob and Bella’s friendship grows, she spends more and more time in La Push.


Volterra, the very name invokes fear in our hearts. Volterra is a city in Tuscany, Italy, host to the Volturi, an ancient and powerful Vampire coven, self-proclaimed upholders of Vampire law. The city is mentioned in early chapters of the book, when Edward describes to Bella how he would go to Volterra to provoke the Volturi to kill him, for living without her isn’t an option. This becomes a reality when Edward mistakenly believes Bella to be dead and indeed carries through with his threat of going to Volterra. Several scenes of the book are carried out in Volterra, firstly in the main square, Piazza dei Prior, where Bella saves Edward, and secondly, underground in the secret world of the Volturi, as they decide upon Bella, Alice and Edward’s fate.