New Moon is the second book in the Twighlight saga. Stephanie Meyer’s books are a bit like marmite, you either love them or you hate them, so if you’ve got as far as buying and starting to read New Moon, then it’s a safe bet to say that the first book interested you sufficiently and you are a Twi-hard fan.


Not even a Steve Martin film could have had a birthday party as disastrous as that of Bella Swan’s 18th. But then again, only Bella Swan could manage to give herself a paper cut on wrapping paper of a birthday gift. This triggers a series of events, firstly with a ravenous Jasper (who historically had trouble resisting human blood) trying to kill Bella. Cue dramatic reaction from Edward as he uproot his family from Forks and disappears from Bella’s life, with only a promise that “it will be like I never existed”. The disappearance of not only her beloved, but her best friend Alice and the family that she deeply hoped to one day be a part of, shatters Bella, and causes her to fall into a deep depression in which family and friends are shunned.


Then Bella discover danger. By being reckless, and breaking her last promise to Edward, she fantasises that Edward is with her. She sees his face and she hears his voice as he berates her for courting danger. One tactic involves bringing a pair of old motorcycles to her childhood friend, member of the Quilete tribe and generally incredible with his hands and all things mechanical, Jacob Black. Her plan is for him to fix them up, and for her to learn to ride them, inviting danger into her life once again. What she doesn’t reckon for is that in executing her plan, she forms a solid bond with Jacob and gradually starts to return to the old Bella


However, the novel would not be the same if vampires didn’t make up a substantial part of it, and since the Cullens left, some other vampires needed to arrive to take their place. Luckily we don’t have to wait very long as Victoria returns to seek revenge on Edward for killing her partner James, tat revenge being killing Bella. Firstly she sends her friend Laurent to seek out Bella. When Laurent discovers that Edward left Bella in Forks unprotected, he can’t resist the smell of her blood and is about to kill her when huge wolf-like creatures interrupt and tear him to shreds. Here’s where it gets interesting. It appears that some of Jacob’s tribe have the ability to transform into werewolves to protect their tribe from vampires. Thankfully they arrived just in the nick of time to save Bella. Once Bella makes them aware of the fact that there is another sadistic vampire after her blood, they promise to protect her. On another level, Jacob is developing strong feelings for Bella, although she can’t reciprocate them as she is broken from Edward and doesn’t think she can love again. He returns to finding ways to make Edward re-appear to her and discovers cliff-diving to be a innovative approach. What she doesn’t bet on is that the waves suck her out to sea, and she starts to drown until Jacob manages to save her.