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The Clowness Cha U Kao at the Moulin Rouge (1895)
Public DomainThe Clowness Cha U Kao at the Moulin Rouge (1895) - Credit: Henri de Toulouse Lautrec
Henri de Toulouse Lautrec (1864-1901) was a French painter famous for capturing the elegance and decadence of late 19th century Paris, most notably the Moulin Rouge nightclub.  Toulouse Lautrec lived in Montmartre, where he created his Post Impressionist paintings and art nouveau illustrations including posters for famous nightclubs and fashionable companies.

Toulouse Lautrec broke both legs as a teenager and afterwards his bones ceased to grow due to an unusual genetic disorder possibly attributable to inbreeding, as his parents were first cousins.  As an adult he stood at 1.54m tall.

Much of Toulouse Lautrec's art depicts the free sexuality he encountered among the prostitutes of Montmartre, although he also had a fascination with the circus.  One of his final works was a book of 39 sketches of circus performers.

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The Moulin Rouge
Creative Commons AttributionThe Moulin Rouge - Credit: Nicolas Pioch