"Flora; Azrael; Venus Pandemos!"

Angel of Death (1881)
Public DomainAngel of Death (1881) - Credit: Evelyn de Morgan
In Roman mythology Flora was a minor goddess of flowers and spring.  She was one of several fertility goddesses and her festival, the Floralia, was celebrated in late April or early May.  

Azrael (and its variant spellings) is the Archangel of Death in non-biblical tradition including Islam.  Literally meaning 'Whom God Helps', Azrael is usually portrayed as subservient to God.  In Jewish mysticism, however, he is the embodiment of evil; in some cultures he is said to record and erase the names of all human beings in a great book as they are born and die.

Venus Pandemos is Venus of the people; as opposed to a transcendent, celestial Venus.  The two were separated by 4th century Attic philosophers.  Venus Pandemos came to represent physical love, whilst Venus Ourania represented love of both body and soul.