"Arioriph, Venus, Achamatoth, Sophia"
Shrine to the Gnostic Sophia
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeShrine to the Gnostic Sophia - Credit: Metagignosko

Gnosticism sees the material world as sinful and corrupt, and believers, like Rosicrucians, strive to return to a spiritual plane.  Sophia's desire to be closer to God and to retain her own life caused her to fall from grace and brought about the creation of the material world and of its associated corruption.  However, she succeeds in investing a small spark of spirituality into the its creation and later, through the help of Christ, is brought back into the light of God.  As an angelic being, Sophia is usually depicted with wings and sometimes bearing a sword.In Gnostic tradition, Sophia is a divine being, an emanation or Aeon formed directly from the light of God.  She is the female counterpart or syzygy (and in some traditions, wife) of Christ and of the Holy Spirit.

In some Rosicrucian imagery, Sophia is represented by the Roman goddess Venus whose Greek equivalent is Achamoth (or Achamatoth).  One such image is described as 'The Manifestation of Arioriph', and is said to be the source of Rosicrucian representations of truth.  Arioriph appears to have been a figure in ancient Egypt who features on funerary imagery.