"at any moment, a cock might crow, thrice"

The image of Buffo-as-Christ culminates as the performance comes to a close.  In the Biblical story of the crucifixion, Jesus foresees that his disciple Peter will deny him three times before the cock crows.  Peter follows Jesus to where he is imprisoned, but does indeed deny knowing him on three occasions when guards ask if he is one of the disciples.  On the third occasion a cock crows nearby; in Mark's gospel it crows twice, but in popular tradition it is often thought that the cock crew on each occasion of denial, three times in total.

The paragraph continues to describe Buffo directly as 'the very Christ', the Clown's Christmas Dinner become the Last Supper where he is seated among his disciples in peace.  The Last Supper was the final meal Jesus held with his disciples, where he broke bread and wine and offered it as his body and blood in the first incarnation of the Catholic mass.  The scene was famously potrayed by Leonardo da Vinci with the twelve disciples - Judas already absent - seated at a long white table with Jesus at the centre.