"What else but the 'Habanera' from Carmen"

The opera Carmen (1845) by Georges Bizet is one of the most popular and accessible operatic works performed today.  Set in Seville, Spain, its heroine is a beautiful gypsy, who captivates the young soldier Don Jose but soon abandons him in favour of the famous bullfighter, Escamillo.  The tale ends with Don Jose murdering Carmen outside the bullfighting ring, just as a cheering crowd applaud Escamillo's victory within.

Carmen's main solo, and her first in the opera, is the 'Habanera', in which she proclaims her independence and determination, and the peril facing any man who disappoints her.

For love is like a gypsy free, It comes and goes will not be caught

If you love me not, then I love you

If I love you ah then beware!