"As soon as she said that, Mrs Coulter's dæmon snapped his head up to look at her,"
Golden Lion Tamarin
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeGolden Lion Tamarin - Credit: Ltshears

Mrs Coulter's dæmon, more than any other in the book, exposes the true nature of the human character. Whereas Coulter herself is sweet and charming, her dæmon is vicious and cruel. He remains nameless and almost mute throughout the series. He was named "Ozymandias" for the radio adaptation, although Pullman stated that he didn't like the name choice. When asked in the fan-conducted Readerville interview in 2001, Pullman said that everytime he tried to think of a name for the golden monkey, "he snarled and frightened me".

Although the species of  Mrs Coulter's monkey dæmon is never specified, many of its physical features, including the golden fur, suggest it is a Golden Lion Tamarin. But the one pictured looks far better-natured than Mrs Coulter's nameless dæmon.