"He turned to Chapter Three of Genesis, and read"

The temptation of Eve
Public DomainThe temptation of Eve - Credit: Hieronymus Bosch
The whole passage that Lord Asriel quotes for Lyra is an altered version of the real third chapter of Genesis, which details the temptation of Eve by Satan and her and Adam's subsequent banishment from the Garden of Eden.


The most notable difference is the mention of Adam and Eve's dæmons, and how the serpent tells Eve that if she eats from the Tree of Life, she and Adam will know the true forms of their dæmons. In Lyra's world, the dæmon only chooses a form when the human reaches puberty and so begins the transition from childhood to adulthood, innocence to experience. In keeping with the theme of His Dark Materials as a whole, Adam and Eve are punished by God for their self-awareness and their newfound understanding.