"Le’s do it now. Le’s get that place now."
The final grasp
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe final grasp - Credit: Kenneth Allen on Geograph

George’s dream had always held an Eden-like or Heaven-like quality, and now it is suggested that the only way to reach it is, indeed, through death. This recalls the words of Crooks, who told Lennie and Candy that men cannot achieve such a dream in this world.


This also ties in with the death of Curley’s wife; it was a woman’s allure that caused Lennie to get into trouble and so destroyed their dream, just as Eve caused the fall from Eden. Perhaps Steinbeck is suggesting that Eden is out of reach of mankind, at least until people can learn to trust and help each other more.


The Garden of Eden, by Thomas Cole (19th century)
Public DomainThe Garden of Eden, by Thomas Cole (19th century) - Credit: Wikimedia Commons