"no unicorns, no griffins, no manticores or basilisks"

Unicorns are depicted as mystical creatures with a single horn which was said to have magical properties. Their name comes from the Latin unus  "one" and cornu "horn".

Unicorn Wood Cut
Public DomainUnicorn Wood Cut - Credit: Albertus Magnus







The Griffin is a lion bodied, eagled headed and winged creature which has appeared in legend from as early as 4-5 century BC.  The griffin was thought to be a guardian of the divine.

Public DomainGriffin








The word  Manticore comes from the Persian for maneater. The manticore is a legendary beast with a human head and lion like body, with some stories describing it having a tail of a Scorpion.

Public DomainManticore






The Basilisk is a mythological creature called the King of Snakes. Said to able to kill its victims with a glance, the basilisk was included by Leonardo Da Vinci in his Bestiary.

Public DomainBasilisk