Page 1. " Abominable Snowman "

The Abominable Snowman, also called the Yeti, is one of the most famous creatures in cryptozoology and appears in similar forms all over the world.

Abominable Snowman Artists Impression
GNU Free Documentation LicenseAbominable Snowman Artists Impression - Credit: Originally uploaded by Lizard King

Page 8. " no unicorns, no griffins, no manticores or basilisks "

Unicorns are depicted as mystical creatures with a single horn which was said to have magical properties. Their name comes from the Latin unus  "one" and cornu "horn".

Unicorn Wood Cut
Public DomainUnicorn Wood Cut - Credit: Albertus Magnus







The Griffin is a lion bodied, eagled headed and winged creature which has appeared in legend from as early as 4-5 century BC.  The griffin was thought to be a guardian of the divine.

Public DomainGriffin








The word  Manticore comes from the Persian for maneater. The manticore is a legendary beast with a human head and lion like body, with some stories describing it having a tail of a Scorpion.

Public DomainManticore






The Basilisk is a mythological creature called the King of Snakes. Said to able to kill its victims with a glance, the basilisk was included by Leonardo Da Vinci in his Bestiary.

Public DomainBasilisk
Page 18. " The bonfire was an enormous pile of cows "

In 2001, an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in the United Kingdom led to over 10 million sheep and cattle being culled in an attempt to halt spread of the disease. Their bodies were burned in bonfires such as the ones described by Jimmy.

Page 25. " helped engineer the Methuselah Mouse "

Methuselah was the oldest person named in the Hebrew Bible (living for 969 years) and his name has become a useful label for any creature living to a great age. It is surely for this reason that the Methuselah Foundation took its name.

Laboratory Mice
Creative Commons AttributionLaboratory Mice - Credit: Aaron Logan
In 2003, the MPrize (known as the Methuselah Mouse Prize) was founded – a financial award for achievements in extending the life span or reversing the ageing process of mice.