Page 166. " a girl in it with long braids "

The book referenced by Oryx is Swedish author Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking series, which were also adapted for a television series and a number of feature films.

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Page 167. " knew all the words to Love Me or Leave Me "

In 1955, Doris Day was offered the role of Ruth Etting in the film "Love Me or Leave Me". Unusually for a biographical film, all the main characters were still living at the time of filming and were consulted to ensure the film was a highly realistic portrayal.

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Page 167. " He called it Pixieland "

Pixies are small, mischievous creatures that appear in many British folklore tales, particularly those from Devon and Cornwall.

Puck of Pooks Hill, Arthur Rackham
Puck of Pooks Hill, Arthur Rackham
Public DomainPuck of Pooks Hill, Arthur Rackham
Page 168. " Jack be nimble "

First recorded in manuscript form around 1815, the nursery rhyme Jack Be Nimble refers to an old tradition of jumping over a candle stick – it was considered lucky to jump the flame without extinguishing it.

Jack, be nimble, Jack, be quick,

Jack, jump over The candlestick.

Jack jumped high Jack jumped low

Jack jumped over and burned his toe.

Page 174. " a salt marsh is forming "

Salt Marsh, Southern England
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSalt Marsh, Southern England - Credit: Urs Neumeier
 Salt marshes develop in coastal areas where tides move slowly, for example in estuaries or sheltered bays. Typically very flat, salt marshes are exposed at low tide and become flooded at high tide.