Page 205. " Welcome to Martha Graham "

Martha Graham was an American dancer and choreographer of the contemporary style, and is regarded as one of the greatest influences in modern dance. In 1926, she opened the Martha Graham Centre of Contemporary Dance in New York.

Martha Graham and Bertram Ross
Public DomainMartha Graham and Bertram Ross
Page 208. " Moosonee HelthWyzer Gated Vacation Community "

The isolated town of Moosonee is located on Moose River in Ontario, Canada.

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Page 210. " beans would ripen simultaneously "

Ripe Coffee Beans
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRipe Coffee Beans - Credit: Michael Allen Smith
Genetic modification of coffee plants to make the beans ripen at the same time caused concern amongst environmental groups:                                        



Page 211. " a Boston coffee party "

The Boston Tea Party
Public DomainThe Boston Tea Party - Credit: Sarony & Major

A reference to the 1773 Boston Tea Party, when in protest to the high level of taxes imposed by Britain on subjects with no representation, colonialists threw bales of imported tea into Boston harbour.  This key event in American history was one of the causes of the War of Independence, leading to the formation of the United States.

Page 218. " Judith cutting off the head "
Judith Statue at Hotel d'Escoville
GNU Free Documentation LicenseJudith Statue at Hotel d'Escoville - Credit: Urban

The story of Judith beheading Holofernes comes from the Old Testament's Book of Judith. 

Holofernes was a Babylonian general leading an army sent by Nebuchadnezzar against the Hebrews.  Judith, a Hebrew widow, entered the enemy camp and seduced Holofernes.  She got him drunk and killed him, taking his head back to the Hebrew camp and inspiring them to defeat the invading army.

Many artists have chosen to explore the theme in art and sculpture.



Page 220. " Ars Longa Vita Brevis "

Part of a quotation from Hippocrates. It roughly translates as art is long, life is short.